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Volume: 12, Issue: 1

Factors Influencing the Internationalization of Business

The Prospects of Corporate Education in Bangladesh

The Soft Skills in Hiring Decision for Frontline Employees of Private Commercial Banks in Bangladesh

Improving the Efficiency of Mis Through the Retail Sector in Bangladesh

Impact of the Financial Factors on Return on Assets (Roa)

Factors Affecting the Holistic Perception of Uber in Dhaka City Transportation

Bilateral Trade Gap between Bangladesh and South Korea

The Impacts of Non-Performing Loans on the Profitability of Private Commercial Banks of Bangladesh

The Effect of Gender Stereotype and Glass Ceiling on the Career Advancement of Women Academics

First-Principles Study of Structural, Electronic and Optical Properties of Lead-Free Organic Inorganic Tin Halide Perovskites for Photovoltaic Applications

A University Examination Web Application Based on Linear-Sequential Life Cycle Model

Determination Of Rock Discontinuity For Prediction of Blasting Performances Using Quantitative and Qualitative Parametero

Profitability of Granite Quarry Operation in Akure South Local Government Area of Ondo State, Nigeria

On Nyorrauf Transformation Algorithm of Flight Crew Scheduling Problems

Developed a Calibration Method in Gamma Ray Spectrometry For Environmental Samples

Finite Difference Solution of Unsteady Free Convection Heat and Mass Transfer Flow Past a Vertical Plate

Ecological Impact of Effluents Discharged After Dyeing Cotton Knit Fabric With Reactive Dyes

Re- Innovation of Home-Décor: Effect of Process Parameters on Designing and Development of Computer Assisted Embroidered Cushion Covers

Effect of Different Block Cipher Modes of Operation for Secured Data Transmission in Convolutional Encoded Dwt Based Mimo Mc-Cdma System

Empirical Study of Cyclomatic Complexity and Interface Complexity of Evolving Open Source Systems

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