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Bilateral Trade Gap between Bangladesh and South Korea


Rahman, Md. Azizur; Anam, Sayedul; Hassan, Md. Arif


The prime focus of this study is to investigate the bilateral trade gap between Bangladesh and South Korea. To find the bilateral trade gap at the outset this paper will investigate total exports and imports between South Korea and Bangladesh and then this study focuses on examining the determinants of total bilateral trade during the period from 1991 to 2020. The study also investigates the strategies through which two countries can improve their bilateral trade relation and can find amicable ways to minimize trade gap. Firstly, the findings reveal that bilateral trade gap increased during the study period of last 30 years. Secondly, the study identifies some determinants namely asymmetry of output, currency risk, comparative advantage and inconsistency of trade friendly environment which led to high bilateral trade gap between the two countries. Finally, this paper suggests some policy recommendations such as hedging of currency risk, increasing Foreign Direct Investment and Research & Development allocations, as well as to create scope for maintaining Gross Domestic Product growth and to increase bilateral cooperation through deliberation amongst high governmental officials and political leaders of the two countries. A model is also developed to forecast the bilateral trade between these two countries in the foreseeable future.


Forecasting, Import, Export, Bilateral Trade

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