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The Soft Skills in Hiring Decision for Frontline Employees of Private Commercial Banks in Bangladesh


Tanchi, Khadiza Rahman


Soft skills are the most preferred skills used for service prerequisite. The main objective of this study is to recognize the soft skills that influence employers’ hiring decision for frontline employees of private commercial banks in Bangladesh. Data were collected from 110 respondents who are working in the HR department of different banks in Bangladesh. Factor analysis has been done to extract the soft skills influencing hiring decision of frontline employees in the banking sector. The analysis reveals that interactive skills, reliable &settlement skills, self-forwarding skills beyond collaboration, evaluation and enthusiastic skills, task implementation skills out of adjustable nature and moral skills beyond experience skills are the most important and desirable soft skills influencing the hiring decision of frontline employees in the private commercial banking sector of Bangladesh.


Soft skills, Frontline employees, Private commercial banks and Factor analysis.

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