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Factors Affecting the Holistic Perception of Uber in Dhaka City Transportation


Noor, Farhana


In recent years, Bangladesh has undergone through tremendous changes in transport sector. Because of the increased demand of mobile application-based transportation, Uber has introduced ridesharing service in Bangladesh. The main purpose of this study is to understand the overall perception regarding this new services provided by Uber in Dhaka city. In view of its importance, the present study tries to identify the factors affecting the perception of consumers, drivers and car owners of Uber. This study is conducted by surveying 100 Uber riders, 60 drivers (30 motorcycle drivers and 30 car drivers) and 20 Uber car owners from different areas of Dhaka city. Data have been analyzed using multiple regression analysis. The result of this study is expected to benefit the ride sharing service providers and to help them understand the variables influencing consumers and drivers’ perceived value. Besides, future researchers can deal with different variables to study the factors affecting the holistic perception of Uber in Dhaka.


Transportation, Benefits of Ridesharing, Overall Perception, Influential Factors

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