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Tracking Selection Criteria of Solar Panels on Consumer Market in Bangladesh


Chakrabarty, Anuz Kumar; Hadi, Reza Shahbaz


Among the extrinsic problems faced by the people of Bangladesh, load shedding carries much weight. This study prescribes a solution by offering a feasible alternative source of energy: solar panel. Solar panels are effective in providing an equivalent amount of energy at a reasonable cost compared to existing power plants. Though there is usage of solar panels in Bangladesh, the concept is not commercially prevailed for consumer markets in remote areas. The main objective of the study is to provide a blend of different attributes that consumers may consider for purchasing solar panels. By conducting depth interviews, 3 key attributes have been derived, i.e., capacity, installment, and price; along with different levels. 48 respondents were offered 20 different profiles of attribute levels to put ratings at a 100-point scale. It has been found from the analysis that people mostly prefer 100 watt panels to purchase in 12 installments each for BDT 1500-2000. Yet, corporations in Bangladesh have scope to work on it and commercialize efficiently.


Solar Panels, Conjoint Analysis, Selection Criteria, Commercialization, Attributes and Levels.

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