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The Use of Audio Aids in the EFL Class at the Tertiary Level: a Plus or a Minus?


Maniruzzaman, M.; Rahman, Mohammad Mustafizur


Audio aids function as learning facilitators and teaching machines, and motivate the learner and arrest his/her attention during the instructional process. Though such aids are greatly helpful in L2 teaching and continually expanding their scope with the availability and development of technology, their use in the EFL class especially at the tertiary level in Bangladesh is still limited. This study was then designed to address varied issues related to the use of audio aids in the EFL class at the tertiary level in Bangladesh. It concludes that the use of audio aids in the EFL class is a plus, but the lack of teacher training, audio equipment and material and administrative support seriously restricts it. Hence, the researchers recommend proper teacher training, adequate audio equipment and material, necessary administrative support, and a well equipped language lab to ensure the optimal use of audio aids, and thus guarantee the learner’s maximum benefit.


teaching EFL, tertiary level, audio aids, a plus

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