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The Significance of Early Entrepreneurship Education in Bangladesh


Ahmed, Rafiuddin; Hossain, Tasmin


The magnificence of early entrepreneurship education is plummeting and attracting the attention of academia recently. It tries to infuse the idea of entrepreneurship that may enhance or assist youth in finding early employment. In this study, the researchers try to investigate the need for Early Entrepreneurial Education (EEE) in Bangladesh and search whether there are any available ventures that are educating or training our youth to get early employment. The primary objective of this study is to investigate the importance of creating a mindset of entrepreneurship from an early stage of life among Bangladeshi teens and tweens. Then they explore the academic pedagogy that is infused among the target cohort who are 10-16 years of age in Bangladesh. This research investigated these objectives by taking Innokids (an educational start-up that focuses on needed skills: life, soft, tech, and business skills and helps kids to be self-employed and be a kidspreneur) as a case study that is operating in Bangladesh to the same cohort. This research followed a Qualitative research approach and collected data from secondary sources where the data were analysed by Qualitative Content Analysis (QCA) and Ethnographic Analysis (EA). The findings were based on case analysis and were found that Innokids is creating behavioural intention among kids to be future entrepreneurs and the academic pedagogies and contents are realistically aligned with the change of their intention. Regarding limitations, this research had to use researchers’ own judgment and observation and had to rely mostly on secondary social media data. This research concludes with academic and industry contributions that further research should be done to see the impact (impact study) and suggests that Innokids may be adopted by stakeholders to create an impact to the community. Keywords: Early Entrepreneurship Education (EEE), Entrepreneurial Education (EE), Entrepreneurial skills, Kidspreneurship, Start-up.


Early Entrepreneurship Education (EEE), Entrepreneurial Education (EE), Entrepreneurial skills, Kidspreneurship, Start-up.

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