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The Gratification of Banking Customers During the COVID-19 Pandemic Period


Hania, Umma; Anis, Fahmeed


This study aims to understand the effect of different banking-related behavior to get satisfaction from customers. The purpose of this study is to understand why people want to be satisfied with a bank and why they become dissatisfied with the bank. This study is concerned with the effect of behavior towards the customers to get the gratification of customers which is salient for the performance of the bank. This study has used a questionnaire for the analysis. This study has dependence on that questionnaire to collect the data. The data is collected from various areas of Bangladesh to nullify the effect of the area. This study has used correlation, descriptive statistics and regression for the analysis. The question is close-ended, and the question has five points to select an answer. This study has taken samples from various corners of Bangladesh to get the best possible result. The findings of this study refer that the customers of banks want to get loans that are not easily available in the context of Bangladesh. Most of the general people do not get a loan when they needed or the amount in their need. On the other hand, bankers need to behave more cautiously with customers. As per the study, the customers are thought of getting bad behavior from the bankers. That is why good behavior matters a lot in this study. Keywords: COVID-19, Gratification of customers, Customer Satisfaction, Government commercial banks.


COVID-19, Gratification of customers, Customer Satisfaction, Government commercial banks

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