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The Environment of E-Commerce in Bangladesh


Debnath, Nitai Chandra; Mahmud, Abdullah Al


Electronic commerce is rapidly growing as an impressive manifestation of globalization. The rapid expansion of e-commerce is a major opportunity for local and international trade development of LDCs including Bangladesh. However, infrastructure, culture, and attitude are significant barriers to e-commerce. Bangladesh government has gone forward except minor lacking to create an e- commerce friendly environment. One thing to be noted is that success in e- commerce does not depend on access and connectivity alone. Information Technology also depends on the fortitude of the entrepreneur of taking advantage of the e-commerce revolution. Proper awareness building programs among the people and business community are required to establish, maintain and growth of e- commerce. This study concentrates on assessing the elements of the environment relating to e-commerce to get the best picture of the prevailing condition and then recommending some areas of improvement on the basis of the assessment for deploying e-commerce in Bangladesh.


E-Commerce, Electronic Fund Transfer, Credit Card, ICT, Human Capital, Gateway, Awareness.

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