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The Effects of Supply Chain Management Drivers on the Successful Nurture of Bangladesh's E-Commerce Ventures: A Quantitative Analysis


Ani, Nujhat Anjum; Edeh, Friday Ogbu


E-commerce is thriving with the evolution of the modern business model and will be continually uplifted in several decades. With a massive number of start-up ventures carrying out E-commerce, Supply chain management drivers have been largely influenced, and this trend also has a great impact on emerging ventures. Here, the study tends to highlight the impact of e-commerce on SCM drivers mainly processes related to raw material management, location strategies, distribution, data and use of information systems. This study uses a quantitative approach, a closed survey-based design, to investigate the impact of e-commerce on SCM drivers. The basic tools for analyzing causal variables are biserial and Pearson correlations, as well as linear regression, which is used to measure the degree of influence of the independent variables on the dependent variables. To interpret the results, ANOVA and descriptive statistics are used. In addition, the T-test and Kurtosis are used to test hypotheses. As the primary drivers of SCM, expected results are highlighted, including examples: material management, location, transportation, and data are correlated and positive. This survey is based on direct data collection using five Likert scale questionnaires, providing an expert perspective on the subject, demonstrating originality and providing valuable information to entrepreneurs of Bangladesh.


Supply chain management, SCM drivers, Material management, E-commerce, Data, Enterpriser

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