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Paper Title
Sustainable Employability Skills among Bangladeshi University Graduates: Employers' Perspective


Hossan, Mohammad Monir


The employability skills of graduates are considered to be essential for ensuring employment in this competitive employment market of 4IR. Through review of the relevant literature and analysis of survey data on employers’ perspective, this study attempts to find the employability skills gap among university graduates. Data was collected from employers through a survey questionnaire and data analysis was carried out through SPSS. Although the evidence shows that there is no specific list of employability skills to be prescribed, the study found some relevant skills like: interpersonal communication skill, problem solving skill, leadership skill, analytical skill, IT skill, critical thinking and creativity skill, decision making skill, adaptability skill, etc. that university graduates lack to get employed. Furthermore, this study attempts to suggest some measures like: modifying the curricula; involving industry experts in teaching-learning; involving students in practical oriented assignments, projects, real case study analysis and solving real life problems in a group; collaborating with industry; introducing employability skills related courses; etc. to be taken by academic institutions to reduce the gap and ensure sustainable employment of university graduates both at home and abroad.


Sustainability, Employability skills, Skill gap, Industry collaboration, Curriculum development, Employers’ satisfaction, Graduate employability

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