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Sustainability of Manufacturing Activities in Chittagong, Bangladesh: An Exploratory Study


Steve Oscar D’ Rozario, Abdelrhman Meero


Bangladesh is now going through a situation where serious problems are incurred regarding the environment due to improper industrialization and unsustainable commercial activities. The goal is to find out the effectiveness of attributes and sub-attributes with in the production of manufacturing companies in Chittagong. A multi-criteria decision-making technique, i.e., Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP), is used in this study to assess the natural environmental in Chittagong. Under the domain of six attributes cost centers, there are 27 sub attributes cost centers that are identified for natural environment assessment through a participatory process. The weight of each attribute and sub-attribute is determined through a pair-wise comparison matrix. From the overall weights of all sub-attributes, it is quite easily understandable that the most effective is the Image/Relationship which is 35.92%, followed by Regulatory (27.6%) and Internal Voluntary (17.9%). The corporate organizations are mostly concerned with their image building. They are trying to create their corporate image, and by doing so, they are willing to spend a huge amount of money in the form of environmental assessment. Under the regulatory attribute, the manufacturing organizations are pretty much concerned about the monitoring, inspection and testing as well as protective equipment. In the end, under Internal Voluntary, while environmental audits hit the lowest, employee health and satisfaction rated highest. The authors suggest that there should be a unified framework for assessing the impact on the natural environment, and this work is an ongoing attempt to develop such a unified framework for assessment.


Natural environment, Manufacturing corporation, Effect on natural environment, Corporate organization in Chittagong, Sustainability.

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