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Strengths and Limitations of Different Teaching Modes: A Comparative Study


Saha, Mili; Talukdar, Md. Ali Rezwan


Whether in language teaching or elsewhere, sustainable attainment of a pedagogical goal is closely related to a successful teaching mode. In a bid to have a gambit in a teaching procedure with a proper choice of a teaching mode, a teacher is expected to be well acquainted with the strengths and limitations of the prevailing teaching modes. Regarding this, over the years researchers have made efforts in exploring the immense ideological horizons, while in our country, still, lecture mode is the most commonly found one. Along with making thorough study of different aspects of various teaching modes, this current study scrutinizes some practical cases and examples in the academic context of Bangladesh. It attempts to recommend the optimum success level of lecture mode and to which extent lecture mode needs to be alternated or to be assimilated with others as well as how to minimize the weakness of it and ensure the maximum potentiality of the other teaching modes, basing on the established ideas in this field and the empirical studies done by these authors.


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