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Strategic Impact Assessment, Business Proliferation and Innovation of Creative Entrepreneurship: A Study on Bangladesh Ngo Foundation


Ali, Muhammad Mahboob


Bangladesh NGO foundation (BNF) was set up in 2004 as a Government organization which started functioning in 2005 to help distressed people with special emphasis on women under sustainable development program through partner organizations. The main aim of the organization is to remove income inequality. Though BNF grant has been in various sectors through its partner organizations, they are creative entrepreneurships. The total number of partner organizations of BNF is 1120 of which around 14% organizations are working in the area of micro and small enterprises for arranging livelihood and social welfare. Creative entrepreneurship is the means through which an entrepreneur is selfemployed at the creative industries. This study was undertaken to assess business proliferation and innovation of creative entrepreneurship through the fund of BNF. The research is to study nano and micro financing among rural folk will be able to add value in the personal income level through creative nano and micro small enterprises. Alternative hypothesis of the study is that BNF fund has an impact on business process through the creative nano and micro enterprises. The study has been chosen from partners of the BNF who are dealing with creative entrepreneurship. It is evident that in the business process especially Grameen (Rural) area has strategic impact and business proliferation not for the individual welfare but for social welfare which has positive role to improve beneficiaries’ life style though creative nano and micro enterprises. The researcher observed that innovative business ideas among the poor have been giving new dimension and varieties of products like arts and handicrafts, folk songs, folk dance, skills development programs for youth living with disabilities, Community Theater, nursery and botanical garden, multimedia and creativity etc., which are highly compatible and sustainable. As such, the author recommends more generation of funds to establish and encourage creative entrepreneurship so that poor and downtrodden people can successfully implement innovative business processes through financial inclusion.


Creative Entrepreneurs, Micro and small enterprises, Personal income

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