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Socio-economic Benefits of Rickshaw-pulling with Special Reference to Income, Employment and Services: A Study in Dhaka City.


Momotaz, Shamsun Nahar; Sharmin, Imrana; Rasna, Farzana Enam


This paper is based on a study drawing on information from different groups of people engaged in rickshaw pulling in Dhaka city. General Objective of this study is to consider the socio-economic benefits of rickshaw-pulling with special reference to ‘Income’, ‘Employment’ and ‘Services’ in Dhaka city. Now-a-days Rickshaws are found as an efficient, versatile and sustainable form of transportation. A large number of people are directly and indirectly engaged with this profession who are contributing to our national economy. Besides, rickshaw pulling, the business of owning, painting, manufacturing, repairing and renting out are also directly contributing to the economy of Bangladesh. Rickshaw pulling is crucial to employment and the socio-economic structure of Bangladesh, especially amongst the poorest sections of society. Three ideas constitute the central message of this study. Firstly, a large number of people are generating income by pulling rickshaws which helps them and their dependent family members to live from hand to mouth. Secondly, rickshaw pulling is a source of employment to other people also who are involved in this industry like owner, manufacturer, garage owner, repair shop owner, small food shop owner etc. People who are illiterate, unskilled and lacking capital, rickshaw pulling is an easy option to get employment. Their dependent family members are also benefited in this way. Thirdly, Rickshaw offers a moderately acceptable service within reasonable cost range and it is also a pollution free vehicle compared to other non private modes. Sometimes they are found as the only mode of transport in those areas where other motorized vehicles can not run. But some adverse effects are also noticeable such as traffic congestion due to slow and fast moving vehicles are plying on the same road. If separate lane for rickshaws is arranged beside the main roads and if rickshaws are not allowed to enter the main road, society will be relieved of traffic congestion which presents some threatening situation in the transportation sector of Bangladesh.


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