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Reasons for Expatriates Working in Bangladesh and the Ways to Replace Them with Local Human Resources


Ahmed, Md. Yeasin; Khalil, Md. Ibrahim; Kobra, Mst. Khadijatul


The study aims to find the reasons that companies usually consider while employing expatriates in their organizations and steps that can be taken to develop our local human resources to replace them. To achieve the goal of thisstudy a sample of 30 individuals from different companies were interviewed using a structured questionnaire through convenience sampling. Data were anal,wed using SASS software version 25.0. Descriptive statistics, reliability analysis and factor analysis were also done. The outcome of the study shows that Business Communication Skill. Technical Knowhow and Global Mather Competitiveness remains the major reasons for entrepreneurs to recruit expatriates. As a solution to the problem, respondents mostly emphasized on skill development initiatives, improvisation of business communication skill, reinforcement of vocational education in the mainstream education system and Industryacademia collaboration. This will assist the government. the policy makers and the other stakeholders to take policy decisions regarding the expatriates working in Bangladesh and improving skills and expertise of our local human resources to replace them.


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