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Optimization of Polyester-flax Blend Ratio for Quality Yarn Production


Raihan, Md. Mashud; Begum, Hosne Ara


Generally yarn properties can be altered through blending of fibers and required properties can be achieved by using specific blending ratios. Polyester and flax blended yarn is very important in regard to both spinning performance and product quality. In this study polyester fiber was taken as a blending component with flax fiber. Flax and polyester have been a new blend now-a-days and depicts excellent properties than their individual yarn properties. Different proportion of flax and polyester has been tested by maintaining international standards to observe their yarn properties and it is found that polyester was perfectly compatible with low proportion of flax fiber. Their blends with specific ratios exhibit excellent properties which hence ultimately contribute to the fabric properties.


Polyester, flax, blend ratio and yarn quality

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