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Opportunities and Barriers to E-Commerce Adoption for Women in Bangladesh: Findings from Covid-19 Shock


Mimi, Afsana; Iqbal, Mohammed Masum; Ray, Kisor; Pareek, Gagan; Islam, Mohammad Rayhanul


This study investigates the Bangladeshi women’s opportunities when operating e-commerce from a COVID-19 shock viewpoint. There was a time when women's work was not given priority. Women were considered to be less educated, get married early and handle all the work in the husband's family throughout their life. All those women had a hard life. Women were deprived of education, science, research, business and technology. But now, times have changed a lot. Women are fighting for equal rights. Proper use of technology at home can make them financially sustainable. The role of e-commerce is immense in making women financially independent or self-reliant, especially during the outbreak of COVID-19. And by doing this e-commerce business, even a woman from house to house has become successful. Women can't go out whenever they want; they have to take care of the housework. But e-commerce has also made it easier for women to do business. Today, women are able to do business even after taking care of the family. However, women have to think about skills and practices, knowledge of technology, training, market demand, and their own interests. The government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh may find the policy recommendation helpful in overcoming challenges and boosting the e-commerce industry's profitability.


E-commerce, Women e-commerce entrepreneurship, Women empowerment, Financially independent, COVID-19

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