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Need Assessment on Short Training in Public Health Among the Primary Care Physician


Gupta, Pradip Kumar Sen; Bala, Kanu G; Banik, Palash Chandra; Chowdhury, Ranajit Sen


Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are considered a major public health concern worldwide including Bangladesh. Further, Bangladesh is also experiencing double burden of disease from NCD and communicable disease. Trends of NCD are escalating every year. Since there is no curative treatment for NCDs, but it can easily prevent or controlled if proper trained medical practitioners are in place. About two thirds of registered physicians in Bangladesh are private medical practitioners who have very limited access to any training in Public Health. The objective of this study is to determine the need of training in Public Health. A cross-sectional survey was conducted among 79 private medical practitioners (PMP) by using semi-structured questionnaire to collect data on Public Health training need and their body of knowledge in Public Health education and practice. About 52% of PMPs were young adult >30 yrs) and male-female ratio was 5:1. While measuring their knowledge in Public Health only 36.7% participants secured 3rd, 55.7% secured 2nd and rest 7.6% secured Ist quartile. The need of training in Public Health for health care provider is acknowledged by many countries including India. Ensure good health cannot be promoted only by the Government agencies and the role of private medical practitioner is vital. Resource prone country like Bangladesh has to be re-designing the course curriculum at post-graduate level especially for those who are serving as gate keeper in Health Care System.


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