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Necessity of Effective Communication About Salary and Other Benefits of Entry Level Positions: An Empirical Study


Chowdhury, Iftekhar Amin


The present study evaluates the influence of quality of information communicated about both basic and other benefits on the recruitment of university graduates. Using a sample of students who were about to engage in the job search process, the study varied the quality of information describing benefits and examined how communicating different degrees of information influenced willingness to accept a job. Increasing the quality of information communicated about basic decreased the willingness to accept job offers. However, increasing the quality of communication about other benefits increased respondents’ perceived value of those benefits in making job choices. This study investigates the reactions of prospective university graduates’ to the quality of benefits communication on their willingness to accept a hypothetical job offer. The Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) protocol was used to investigate basic and non-basic salary for entry level job seekers. After analyzing the data, it is clearly identified that students’ seeking employment seems to value basic benefits more than non-basic ones. Although the data showed that increased information about basic benefits reduced the willingness among subjects to accept job offers, the degree of influence was still larger than for non-basic benefits.


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