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Multiplier Effect of Tourism


Kobra, Mst. Khadijatul; Parvez, Mahbub; Khalil, Md. Ibrahim


Culture plays an important role for boosting up tourism. This study was conducted to understand how the culture of Bangladesh and sustainable development issues are showcased in Bangladesh Folk Arts and Crafts Foundation. The paper attempts to find out the tourist stream and for forming sustainable tourism and society. In this study, qualitative method, interviews, Key Informant Interviews (KII), and quantitative method, and analyzing software excel (time series analysis) were used. Moreover, 30 years'temperature was analyzed to understand the weather impact on tourist flow. It is identified that both the domestic and international tourist flow has been swayed over the last ten years because of the climatic condition in Bangladesh. Additionally, it is noticed that weather has prodigious impact in tourist's decision making of visiting the establishments of the foundation. This research helps to reshape tourism sector with sustainability by adding amenities. It also expedites the environment, society, economy and so on. The authors emphasize on developing sustainable 4As (accessibility, attractions, amenities, and ancillary services) to contribute to national economy of Bangladesh. Most importantly, community development and their economic benefits are the possible positive outcomes of focusing on the advancement of this destination. There is no doubt that without ensuring above facilities, it would be difficult to make sustainable economic development of the society.


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