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Motivation through Self-leadership: An emerging trend of the leaders of private universities


Parvez, Mahbub; Iqbal, Mohammed Masum


To lead others one has first to lead oneself. In describing leadership as a “process of influencing others,” self-leadership can be seen as a process of “influencing ourselves.” This influencing behavior, in our view, can be described as a learning behavior and is the very heart of leadership development. The keystone of self-leadership is to know what one wants to become or achieve. Leaders of an organization play the vital role to achieve organizational goal. With the emergence of Private Universities in Bangladesh a change has been taking place in the field of higher education. Within a very short span of time these universities played a significant role in the higher education market of Bangladesh. Conventionally every university has a hierarchical structure. Apart from this traditional hierarchy there are some patterns of leading people which involve honoring each other, friendship and respect, different touch of motivational factors, self assessment and self leadership judgment. Leaders motivate themselves first to motivate others. This paper tries to identify the level of self leadership in the private universities of Bangladesh and it is observed that 80.12 percent leaders of the private universities motivate themselves through self-leadership process. 7.57 percent leaders are in neutral position and 12.30 percent leaders are not much concerned about the process of self-leadership.


Self-leadership, Motivation, Personal goal setting, Self-monitoring, Self- reinforcement.

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