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Mathematics and Statistics Courses in Management Undergraduate Programmes in Srilanka: A Study on Curriculum, Purpose and Practices


Wedage, Dileepa M. Endagamage


Curriculum of a study programme is the most important element in Higher Education Institution. Developing analytical skills in the students is the specific objective of inclusion of the Quantitative Based Subjects (QBS) to the curriculum. Attitudes, confidence, intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, liking, and relevance are the significant factors that influence on the performances of the QBS in the students. The relevance is the factor directly linked with the curriculum of the QBS. This study pays attention on how the students perceived the relevance of the QBS, and the usefulness of the QBS for their employability. The academic staff members (ASM) explained their views regarding the performances of the students and the reasons for poor performances as perceived by them. The findings highlighted that the content of the curriculum of QBS is up to the required standard, but the delivery of it has considerable level issues. Embedding the practical orientation with the other cocourses is also in poor level. The students, awareness on the relevance of the QBS is in poor level. ASM think the nonexistence of the relevance to and lack of link with the job activities are the main reasons for poor performances of the students. These two are the outcomes of the poor delivery of the content. Though the students are reluctant to follow QBS, they recognize the importance, value and the usefulness of it. Most of the respondents highlighted the findings that there is an essential and urgent need to rethink about the curriculum of the QBS and the delivery of it in the Management Degree Programmes in Sri Lanka.


Curriculum, analytical ability, management education, relevance, attitudes

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