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Leadership Attributes and Organizational Goal Achievement: An Ethical Perspective in the Global Era


Alam, Samsul; Debnath, Gouranga Chandra; Hossain, Tanzina


Though the concept of ethical leadership is not so old, it has huge interest for practitioners and business leaders. Organizations Milli to know how to select, develop and retain ethical leaden. By reviewing different literatures as well as observing employees at different levels within different organizations, it is realized that leadership attributes have a greater impact on organizational goal achievement The purpose of this study is to analyze the association between leadership traits and organizational goal achievement by using secondary data. The study finds that the appropriate leaders' attributes can contribute to the pay-off for the organization in the form of organizational development, employee morale and organizational transparency In this study subjective judgments are made by using qualitative data which are expected to assist business people in focusing on the ethical leadership in greater scale globally.


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