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Knowledge on Diet and Physical Exercise Among the Patients of Coronary Heart Disease Admitted in a Specialized Tertiary Level Hospital in Dhaka City


Akhter, Mst. Sharmin; Dewri, Tripty; Sultana, Sharmin; Shafiullah, S. M. Rezoun


Coronary heart disease is the most frequent cause of death in the industrialized societies, and is showing an increasing trend in developing countries. This study was conducted to assess the level of Knowledge about diet and physical exercise among the patients of coronary heart disease. A cross-sectional study was conducted among 112 patients admitted at NICVD during the study period (January to May 2016). In this study the mean age of the respondents was 49.7# 11.8 years and almost two-thirds of the respondents (69.0%) were male. It has been found that 79.5% of the respondents were married and most of them (82.1%) were Muslims. About one-third of the respondents (28.6%) had HSC level of education and most of the respondents had a salaried job (38.8%). The mean monthly income of the respondents was 14566.0–1854.0 taka and the majority of respondents (76.8%) were aware of the addiction habits that are associated with heart disease. About 77.7% of the respondents were aware of the cardio-protective foods and the rest (22.3%) were still ignorant regarding the cardio-protective foods. It was reported that more than half of the respondents had a poor level of knowledge regarding the role of dietary habits on heart disease. Nevertheless, sixty percent of them had had a poor level of knowledge about the cardio-protective role physical exercise in heart disease.


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