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Job Satisfaction of Employees: A Study on Real Estate Companies in Dhaka City


Shahriar, Md. Shibli


Job satisfaction which is expressed by different employees differently has much influence on their work behavior. In an attempt to examine the degree of job satisfaction of employees working in different real-estate companies, a study was conducted on two hundred (200) executives of twenty (20) real estate companies. The respondents were interviewed through a structured questionnaire following a logical interview schedule. The data were analyzed manually by using proper statistical methods. The study addresses on its various dimensions of job satisfaction that include present job, present pay, job security, opportunity for promotion, supervision, relation with coworkers, etc. The findings of the study reveal that the employees of real-estate companies are not satisfied with various aspects of job satisfaction which would be useful as secondary information for those who are involved in policy making and are interested in conducting further research on similar topic.


Present job, present pay, opportunity for promotion, supervision, coworkers

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