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Interpersonal Conflict Management Strategies in Private Universities of Bangladesh


Mahbub, Parvez; Mohammad Anisur, Rahman


In society, where different interest groups exist, conflict is a common occurrence. Whether it is a personal or professional or organizational life, conflict arises when individuals or groups interact to meet their goals. Thus conflict management is an integral part of organizational relations. The emerging leaders and top-level management in the private universities are managing this crucial subject successfully. As a result since the inception in 1992, there seemed to be a few noticeable disturbances in the private universities of Bangladesh. This research aims at assessing the conflict management strategies of these leaders of private universities in Bangladesh. 29 high officials including Vice Chancellors, Pro Vice Chancellors, Registrars and Deans randomly chosen from 8 top ranked universities out of 54 private universities. They have been interviewed using a structured questionnaire to assess the conflict management strategies. The research reveals that these leaders and top-level management follow a collaborative approach in managing conflict in the organization. Their contingency approach of leadership helps them to gain trust of their followers and handle dynamic and unique situation. Standing on this background they could easily gain a win-win situation in any conflict situation. This paper is expected to help the new leaders to understand the conflict management strategies of these successful leaders over that of traditional leaders.


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