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Internal Marketing: A Strategic Tool to Achieve Inter-functional Co-ordination in the Context of a Manufacturer of Industrial Equipment


Minar, Tanvir Ahmed; Sarwari, Sara; Salam, Monalisa


The Internal Marketing concept came into existence nearly two decades ago in the academic arena. Since then different authors viewed IM from different perspective and proposed it as a comprehensive tool to achieve customer satisfaction. The basic idea was to formulate a marketing program inside the organizational boundary that compliment external marketing and enhances the chance of success. . In this paper efforts have been made to explore and evaluate the aspects of internal marketing in the context of an industrial equipment manufacturer *and its role in establishing inter-functional coordination in terms of people, process and work environment. In this regard, analysis has been conducted by using interviews and participant observation. This research came up with the conclusion that applying Internal Marketing concept could bring about significant improvements in developing inter-functional co-ordination to overcome several crucial issues that the organization is currently confronting in strengthening its inter-functional integrity and understanding.


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