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Paper Title
Influence of Information Technology on Education and Language Teaching


Barman, Binoy


The turn of twenty-first century has witnessed tremendous scientific and technological innovations which have changed the patterns of life and society spectacularly. Information technology (IT) has flourished at a breakneck speed and people have moved towards automation from manual deed. It has exerted deep impact on educational system all over the world. Computer, internet and other technologies are now being used by teachers and learners in ever increasing rate and volume. Institutions are exploring ways to utilize IT effectively for the purpose of education. This paper considers various aspects of the influence of information technology on education, with special attention to language teaching (LT). It considers various features of IT which are found useful in education as well as how those features are best used by educationists and language teachers. The Bangladesh scenario vis-à-vis the use of IT in education has also been taken into account.


Distance learning, Virtual learning, Digital Bangladesh.

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