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Impact of safety and Health Measures on workers Productivity in the Readymade Garments Sector of Bangladesh


Hasan, Noman; Islam, Ariful; Ali, Mohammad


This study aims to investigate the impact of safety and health measures on workers' productivity in the tradymade garments (RUG) sector in Bangladesh A quantitative research method was applied where 202 structured questionnaires were used to be filled up by the workers front 15 RUG factories offour selected areas of Bangladesh (Gaziput: Ashulia, Tongi, andUltara).The collected data were analyzed by using SPSS software (Version- 20) by adopting different statistical tools such as descriptive statistics, correlation, and regression analysis. This study found that the overall condition of workers. afety is satisfactory; however irorkers'health hazard is the problem because of various diseases that affect the workers' health during their working life. The study results supported that there is a positive relationship between health and safety measures and workers' productivity Particularly, safety and machinery hav e a significant positive impact on the level of employee productivity The study concluded that workers' productivity has been gradually increased after the implementation of health and safety standards. Finally this paper will be useful for policy makers to mitigate the existing problems regarding health and safety issues in the RUG industry in Bangladesh.


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