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Images of Darkness in Robert Frost’s Poetry


Ishrat, Irina; Shahrear, Md. Hasan


Robert Frost, the great American poet images a life that is dominated by isolation, death, and loss. The realistic vision of human life has been delineated by his frequent application of gruesome images. Frost’s poems mimic loneliness, conflicts, contradictions, and disillusionment of human life with the help of the dark images. Images such as ‘Frozen Lake’, ‘Witches’, ‘Night’, ‘War’, ‘Dark’, ‘Death’ are ardently visible in Frost’s poems that provide an emblematic perception of human life. The darker images of Frost are also prevalent through the titles of the poems like “Acquainted with Night”; “The Death of the Hired Man”; “Desert Places”. The very titles stimulate the images of the feelings of disillusionment and a general sense of isolation. This article attempts to analyze the significance of those dark images in order to uncover an intimate insight of the modern world.


Images of Darkness; Conflicts and Contradictions; Synecdoche; Vision of Modern Life

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