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Paper Title
Identifying Strategies and Procedures of Seller Engagement of Daraz


Ahmad, Sheikh Muhammad Asrar; Iqbal, Mohammed Masum; Ray, Kisor; Rahman, Siddiqur


E-commerce, web platforms and the whole internet system has become the most responsive, demanding and fast growing sector of the world as we are living in a total digital-era. But in Bangladesh E-commerce sites are just like the teenage department as an organizational sector. There are so many possibilities, several opportunities and uncountable chances of gaining and showcasing creativity with rising on a standard level to cope up internationally. As being one of the largest and leading online shopping platforms, Daraz has an extreme probability of conducting most amounts of transactions between sellers and customers. They conduct a pure individual action set which is named “Seller Engagement” to engage and train the sellers to be efficient users of internal software of which will be involved in all the process of using the platform. This paper has been written as a reason to identify the obstacles in “Seller Engagement” procedure of Recognizing the gap and lacking between sellers and acquisition or content with advantages and potential aspects are the ultimate goal of this paper . The number of respondents was 46 and all of them were sellers who are enlisted in Daraz network. Judgmental sampling of non-probability sampling method was applied in analysis of data which has been explained by descriptive research method. In the study, it has been found that there are some gaps existing in the process which is decreasing the whole outcome. Providing proper resources and training, assurance of the quality and authenticity along with some complex factors are the possible best keys to fill up the gaps and get to the ride.


E-commerce, Daraz Bangladesh, Alibaba group, Seller engagement, Strategies and process, Online business, Online market

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