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Factors Affecting Customers’ Pre-Purchase Evaluation of Baby Food in Dhaka City


Gurung, emanta Bahadur; Naaz, Nasrin Shah


Baby food for the infants is the most sensitive one. Doctors suggest exclusive breast feeding for the infants. But for some cases like sickness, temporary disablement or for any other reasons mothers cannot breast feed to their babies. And for that they have to choose infant formula for their infants. Like any other products, parents of infant go through a selection process to choose a baby food. The main focus of this paper is to identify and analyze the pre-purchase factors considered by the parents of the infants of 0-6 months in Dhaka city. Initially a qualitative study (Focus Group Discussion) has been conducted to identify the pre-purchase evaluation factors followed by in-depth interview through a structured questionnaire. From the research it is found that quality of the baby food, suggestions of doctors and ingredients of the baby food are the important pre- purchase factors considered by the parents. Therefore, manufacturers of the baby food should consider those factors before launching any brand.


Pre-purchase evaluation factors, baby food, breast feeding and infant formula.

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