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Entrepreneurship In A Social Context: A Conceptual View


Jahan, Sabnam; Ullah, Md. Mamin


The phenomenon of social entrepreneurship, sometimes denoted social entrepreneurship, receives increased attention and popularity by policy makers, opinion leaders, as well as by researchers. The number of papers, special issues of academic journals, workshops and conferences is constantly augmenting regarding the concepts, elements, processes, challenges and boundaries of social entrepreneurship. The main objective of this study is to analyze the concepts, elements, frameworks and practices of social entrepreneurship. The study was basically conducted based on a thorough analysis of existing literatures. In order to achieve the stated review objective, a systematic review of literature was conducted by using an archival method. The study has found that the concept of social entrepreneurship is in development phase. Confusion and uncertainty are still prevailing in the areas of concepts and practices of social entrepreneurship. The study identified the common concepts, features, elements, and scope and research gap in the field of social entrepreneurship.


Social entrepreneurship, Business entrepreneurship, social entrepreneur

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