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Dynamics of Examination Malpractice Among the Key Players in Nigeria


Ayoade, Abayomi Ayotunde; Farayola, Philip Iyiola


Examination malpractice is a social disease whose menace is crippling the quality of education in Nigeria. In this work, a new deterministic compartmental mathematical model was proposed to analyse the dynamics of examination malpractice among the key players in Nigeria. The positivity and boundedness of solutions of the model were established; the stability analysis was conducted using the linearization approach and the reproductive menace was derived via the next generational matrix method. Numerical simulation was carried out to investigate the effect of the key parameters on the reproductive menace. The result of the simulation showed that examination malpractice was more rampant when the rate of leakages of the examination questions was high. It was, therefore, suggested that for the control of examination malpractice to be effective in Nigeria, efforts must be geared towards blocking the channels of leakages of examination questions.


Examination; model; reproductive menace; key players; simulation.

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