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Paper Title
Cyber Security Awareness among Generation Z in Bangladesh


Farial Ferdous, Mehzabul Hoque Nahid, Nazia Farhana, Azmery Sultana


This study explores the level of awareness regarding cyber security and cyber threats among generation Z in Bangladesh. Cyber awareness plays a vital role in preventing cybercrimes, which are extremely prevalent these days. This study investigates the threat awareness practices and current knowledge levels among Bangladesh's generation Z. To achieve goals and make it sustainable, it is crucial to know the gap between the number of students with access to technology and those with cybersecurity awareness. This paper will eventually assist in formulating a strong cyber security framework for Bangladesh. A mixed-method approach has been adopted for this case study research to understand the cyber security awareness among business graduates of generation Z in Bangladesh. A thorough literature review helped determine the components of cybersecurity awareness, and a quantitative survey method was used to determine how familiar the graduates were with different cybersecurity practices. Findings indicate that the majority of people are well aware of the cyber threats, yet, most of them are not putting enough effort into avoiding them. In order to manage cybercrime, the study indicates that a model for educating generation Z regarding cyber security is urgently needed. Furthermore, the study portrays an in-depth picture of what generation Z of Bangladesh knows about cybercrime and security measures practices to avoid cyber threats. With the findings of the study, generation Z can get ideas of where they should concentrate more to be more cyber vigilant. As this generation Z is soon to be an integral part of the industry, the policymakers can also develop with frameworks, based on the study findings to educate their employees regarding cyber issues. This research will help outline the gap that needs to be addressed by generation Z and also by others.


Cyber security, Cyber threat, Cybercrime, Cybersecurity awareness, Generation Z, Bangladesh, South Asia.

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