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Consumers’ Responsiveness toward Marketing Mix of Super Stores in Bangladesh: A Case study on Meena Bazaar


Jahan, Sharmin; Noor, Farhana


This paper investigates the factors that are responsible in determining the marketing activities of super stores in Bangladesh. By investigating the marketing activities of one of the fast growing super shops, it addresses the preference of consumers as well as the service of them. The research focuses on product’s quality, distribution channels, pricing, promotional activities and customer opinion regarding “Meena Bazaar” in Dhaka City. The study reveals that Meena Bazaar promotes their products at premium price in order to maintain quality and their promotional programs have significant influence toward consumers’ response. The findings of this study suggest that Meena bazaar should try to hold this performance level and take more large scale promotional efforts which will help them to achieve leadership position among the superstores in Bangladesh


Consumer response, Superstore, Marketing mix

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