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Consumer Attitude Toward New Products in Dhaka City: A Case Study of Two Products


Alam, S. M. Ikhtiar; Iqbal, Mohammad Masum


Attitudes are evaluative statements ― either favorable or unfavorable ― concerning objects, people or events. Attitude, which consists of cognitive, affective and behavioral components, reflects how one feels about something. New product includes new-to-the-world products, exiting products that are targeted to new markets or market segments, improvements and revisions of existing products, and so on. The article depicts an empirical study in which 200 consumers who lived in Dhaka City were asked about their attitudes toward vacuum cleaners and rice cookers, which have been selected as new products for this study. Vacuum cleaners and rice cookers are new products in the sense that they are existing products targeted at new market (Bangladesh). The principal findings of this study are that consumers of Dhaka City have a weakly positive attitude toward vacuum cleaners and rice cookers. In addition, age, gender, education, marital status, and family income influence the nature of consumers’ attitudes toward vacuum cleaners and rice cookers as new products. But occupation does not always influence consumer attitude toward rice cookers as a new product.


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