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Paper Title
Comparative Position of Business Studies in Bimstec Region


R. Ramachandran


Business – industry, trade and commerce – has become highly technology oriented and sophisticated. Information technology revolution has made the world a global village. Information technology is influencing every walk of business. Corporate are adopting new strategies. Accounting standards are evolved internationally to be used in the preparation of financial statement. New financial statements are being introduced in the capital market. There is a growing need for improving the curricula of business studies. The main aim of this paper is to improve course curricula of business studies with international bench marking to cope the turbulent business environment of the seven contiguous countries of Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Thailand and Myanmar (BIMSTEC). The study addressed the need for change in the course curricula of business school. The potential impact of the paper is to keep pace with the challenges and to equip our students to face the challenges of tomorrow’s business; there is a definite need for such an approach. Due to the advent of information technology, maintenance and control of financial records, management of commercial organizations has undergone a sea change. Corporate Governance, Office Automation, Enterprise Resource Planning, Information Systems Audit, E-Commerce, Effective Communication, Management Consultancy Services and Social Science Research Methodology may be included and concentrated in view of their increasing importance and relevance in the changing scenario. The study reinforces that improvement in business school curriculum should be a necessary step in order to realize BIMSTEC’s Business – industry, trade and commerce potential.


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