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Ceramics Tableware Products’ Market Positioning: A Comparative Study on Leading Companies in Bangladesh


Forkan, Golam Mohammad


Many companies are producing ceramic products but very few are producing ceramics tableware products; i. e., Shinepukur Ceramics Ltd., Monno Ceramics Ltd., Artisan Ceramics Ltd., Bengal Fine Ceramics Ltd. etc. This study attempted to understand perceptions of domestic consumers toward leading companies of ceramic industry of Bangladesh through ceramic tableware products. The study found that, Shinepukur is the market leader, second position is captured by Monno and then others. Consumers prefer the products of Shinepukur for high quality, brand image and nice-looking design. On the other hand, consumers prefer the product of Monno for reasonable price, availability and quality. Very few consumers also buy products of other two leading companies for negligible reasons.


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