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Business English for Undergraduate Business Students: An Analysis


Das, Bijoy Bhushon; Afrin, Nujhat


This study investigates the need of English language learning for business students considering the need for incorporating English for specific purposes (ESP) and English for general purposes (EGP) in a learning friendly course curriculum to improve business English communication and proficiency in English to meet the need for business students in a tertiary level. This study also aims to understand the views on English for General Proposes (EGP) considering the set up of objective oriented class room environment to execute the lesson plan within a smoother, flexible, out come based course curriculum and teaching-learning methods and supporting the students to incorporate their needs for ESP and EGP as well. As per English learning it is very important to reconstruct the course objective for ESP classroom as business students require some special care while learning the second language. So, the study analyses the need for learning English for business students as they used to learn English as a global language to serve the purposes of specific needs. To set up an objective oriented class environment incorporating the general English with Business English is a fundamental need for those students who are learning English to serve with proficiency. The authors tried to bring out the characteristics and the classification of ESP along with it sub-classes. The attempt is made to focus on the different roles played by an ESP teacher in the class. Regarding Business English, the authors shows how to collect course materials and methods of making the Business English learners communicatively competent.


English for Specific Purposes; English for General Purposes; needs analysis; Course objective; class environment

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