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Building Dynamic Capability in Time of Uncertainty through Organisational Learning


Ugboego, Chukwu Agnes; Edeh, Friday Ogbu; Ikechukwu, Obochi Charles; Amarachi, Onwuzuruike; Adama, Linus


The recent covid-19 pandemic adversely affected several businesses especially the hospitality industry that provide pleasurable and emotional services to different categories of customers across the globe. Based on this global turbulence, some hospitality businesses laid-off some of their valued employees as a result of their weak dynamic capability to withstand the aforementioned disruption. It is based on this premise that this study investigates the effect of organisational learning on dynamic capability of hospitality business with specific focus on accommodation sector in Sub-Saharan Africa using cross-sectional survey design. Target population for the study is made up of sixty four-star hotels that are registered with Enugu State Ministry of Culture & Tourism, Nigeria. Fifty four-star hotels were selected using simple random sampling. Two hundred and seventy two participants were drawn from the hotels with sample size of one hundred and sixty-one. Questionnaire was used to collect data from the participants while formulated hypotheses were analysed with linear regression. Finding from the study revealed that organisational learning has positive significant effect on dynamic capability of hospitality businesses under study. Thus, the study concludes that organisational learning measured in terms of exploratory and exploitative learning enhances dynamic capability of hospitality businesses being investigated. Further study with statistical evidence is encouraged in different industries and regions of the globe.


Organisational learning, Dynamic capability, Sensing capability, Reconfiguration capability, Exploratory learning, Exploitative learning, Covid-19 pandemic.

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