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Benchmarking Service Delivery Effectiveness of the Service Providers of Poverty Alleviation Programs in Bangladesh


Chowdhury, Tamgid Ahmed


In this study we have segregated the service delivery dimensions of the micro-credit driven poverty reduction programs in Bangladesh to explore critical success factors in which service providers [Government (GO) and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs)] need to be effective. Then based on the opinion of 841 randomly selected beneficiaries from 107 villages in Bangladesh, we explored multidimensional ‘industry reference standard items’ which are most desired by the beneficiaries to ensure better service delivery from the service providers of the stated programs. Finally, by exploring the best practices in each reference item through comparing the service delivery effectiveness of government and NGOs, ‘industry benchmark’ for each item is proposed. Findings of the study reveal that NGOs are performing better in many fields of service delivery related to area coverage and skill of the front line workers even though government agencies were found to be more effective in several key issues related to transparency in operations and ensuring more beneficiary welfare. It is hoped that the rate of poverty reduction would be more sustainable if the policy makers of GO, NGO and other service providers can assure that they all maintain continuously rising and evolving industry standard by improving their services on those fields in which they perform below the industry benchmark.


Benchmark, Poverty alleviation, Government, Non-Government Organization, Bangladesh

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