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Paper Title
An Analysis of Global Human Capital Trends: Recommendations for HR Strategies in Bangladeshi Organizations


Mohammad Shibli Shahriar


This paper presents an analysis of global human capital trends from 2016 to 2020, focusing on the report published by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Ltd. The objective is to critically review these trends and identify key areas of focus for human resources (HR) in designing and implementing organizations that can sustain competitive advantage and foster business growth in the face of current challenges. The study considers the impact of disruptive changes brought about by digital technology, evolving workforce demographics, and a new employer-employee contract. Emphasis is placed on the need for organizations to adopt a more flexible, less hierarchical, and employee-centric approach to work. Through a thorough examination of the Deloitte report, this paper highlights important insights and provides recommendations for HR professionals in Bangladeshi organizations. The analysis underscores the significance of human capital, the impact of digital disruption, the importance of innovative organizational design, and the emergence of the gig economy. The findings and recommendations offer valuable guidance to Bangladeshi HR companies to align their strategies and practices with the evolving global human capital landscape.


Human capital, Digital disruption, Organizational design, Gig economy, HR strategy, Competitive advantage, Business growth.

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