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An Analysis of Employability Skills of B.Sc. Graduates of Entrepreneurship Program in Camarines Norte State College


Lamug, Gehana D.; Sureta, Alex V.


Tracing the employment history of graduates is an important process to assess the relevance of a particular academic program according to the needs of industry. This study utilized quantitative-descriptive method. The study revealed that majority of the students who graduated from 2016 to 2019 are female, currently aged between 21 and 25 years, and they are employed in local or regional organizations in clerical positions. Further, very few graduates took additional courses, passed government examinations, and were granted with company recognition or awards. The study also found out that they perceived their soft and hard skills as excellent in terms of teamwork, work coordination, communication, time management, sales and marketing, and use of computer in various online and offline applications. The major problems encountered while seeking employment are lack of work experiences needed for the job and low salary to compensate expenses during employment. To further enhance the graduates' employability, strategies to improve the BS in Entrepreneurship program were proposed that play a vital role in producing highly employable and quality graduates.


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