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A Study on Sales Decline of Real Estate Sector in Bangladesh


Anam, Sayedul; Pramanic, Md. Yahya


The real estate sector in Bangladesh has been experiencing a downturn for last few years. But the reasons behind its change of fortune are varied and disproportionate. In major cities especially Dhaka and Chittagong, the problem of allocation in housing is increasing day by day. Because the change in population in the two cities has been rapid, housing shortage has been severe. The majority of the citizens fall within middle income or low income groups. The contributions of the real estate developer companies in solving this problem have been minimal at best. Initially this sector experienced rapid growth but now for survival it faces different degree of challenges. The membership of the REHAB is 1121 and there are other non member companies operating in this sector. However, most of them are operating at a loss because of decreasing sale in the ready-made apartments. Hence, the purpose of this study is to identify the issues that create the fall in demand in the market for readymade apartments.


REHAB, idiom, loading, parallel test, pattern matrix.

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