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A Proposed eBook Model for Engaging PeerInteraction


Nishat, Nazia; Islam, Yousuf Mahbubul


Modern teaching techniques require that students be engaged in class and in the subject content through peer interaction as a method of active learning. Increasingly, ICT tools are being used to implement active learning methods. Handheld devices such as ibook, ipad, tablets used as ebook reading devices have recently gained momentum as they provide reading access to academic subject content including eBooks for students studying business courses. Such devices use text, images, audio, video, animation and interactivity such as playing games and question/answer sessions. As the ebooks and animation games are generally downloaded to the handheld devices, the environment in the local device does not provide facilities whereby students can share ideas on the content, discuss and solve problems, i.e., engage themselves in the content through peer-interaction as a form of active learning. This article studies current ebook reading technologies and the role of stakeholders involved in preparing and delivering content to the users. Having looked at the total environment involved, the article proposes a theoretical model whereby the stakeholders involved can interact to bring the benefits of active learning to ebook preparation, production, hosting and use by teachers and students. In the proposed model the eBook author provides content and questions, the publisher publishes contents as html page content, the instructional designer designs the active learning interactivity, teachers can assign tasks to students to get involved by selecting relevant content for subject learning and students can engage by commenting on images and paragraphs, asking questions and sharing their problems and solutions with peers as needed for learning and filling in gaps in understanding.


eBook stakeholders, engaging readers, peer-interaction, eBook production, designing eBook interactivity, academic eBooks, business courses

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