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A Case Study of a Microenterprise: The Factors Responsible for its Growth and Outcomes: Indian Perspective


Dixit, Shailja; Agarwal, Manju


This a field-researched case about a micro enterprise in health sector, the Extra Care Physiotherapy Private Ltd. (ECPPL), dedicated to providing quality physiotherapy with extra care to the patients.Does the passion for work and clarity in vision strong enough to give birth to a successful enterprise and route it to its development? The case is based on research Primary and secondary information. The validation of information has been tested several times with several sources like protagonist, the organization, the employees, and the customers. Entrepreneurship is a journey around passion. However behavior is aptly responsible towards an organizational growth, especially for a startup. The case reflects the positivity in the behavior of the entrepreneurial couple who induce growth of their startup by carefully implementing their plans, combining skills, capabilities, resources, and people management. The findings are restricted to one organization, which may not strongly assists towards theory building. Learning outcomes of the case reflect that people management becomes a primary weapon for entrepreneur to steer their startup. As a result of discussing this case, students should be able to: first, examine strategic entrepreneurial strengths, analyse opportunities for the creation of business, market and environmental factors, and strategize to minimize weaknesses and to address threats and identify an organization's strategic focus. They should able understand the imperatives of critical thinking, and clarity of vision and mission for personal success and connotation of hard work, team work and employee orientation in the growth of the enterprise.


Microenterprise, Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurship, behavioral aspects, startup,

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